Friday, June 6, 2008

My Junior Year

Class Of 2009
My Junior year at life Academy has been challenging for me. There was certain classes in where I wouldn't do as bad as I would in others.But there was a point in were I went through many struggles in all of my classes.I feel that I could of done better if I would of put more effort into my work. I had all the support I needed I had my parents and friends encouragement, but I was just not trying my best. I feel that if I would of put more effort into my school work I would of done better. For my senior year my goal would be to to put more effort into my work, I will try to overcome all my struggles, although it will not be easy I knew I can do it and I will graduate and go off to college.


My expiricence at Alameda was different compared to other places we've visited. I noticed that the majority of people there are cocasian, it also seemed like a very clean and safe community. There we got to interview twelve people about safety at Alameda. They all seemed like very nice people, and aswered our questions. People we interviewd talked to us about how they thought that the community at Alameda was really safe, someone even mentioned that they could walk at any time of the day including night time, without being afraid of anything.The community there also looked very peaceful, and everyone seemed to get along with each other. Most of the people there felt that their community was a very nice place to live in, without being afraid. It was really interesting listening to different people's opinion on safety in their neighborhood. From there we went to the Alameda Beach in where we had fun as a class. <

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Thoughts

Being in this class I got to experience many things. I also got to challenge myself learn new things and meet more people. Something that I had to overcome in this class is probably my shyness because I felt that I started talking more with other people, although I am not really used to talking as much. I feel that when we went out to do interviews I felt more comfortable asking people to get interview, although there was times in where my group would get rejected we still kept on going. There was times in where I wouldn't want to participate but I would still try my hardest in this class. Something I could of challenge myself to do would of probably been experiencing new food, because when ever we visited new places I wouldn't eat the food there because it was different and it was different to what I was usually used to. But overall I enjoyed being in this class because I got to experience new things and learned from them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Walnut Creek

For me visiting Walnut Creek was a really different experience, because I had gone by there but didn't really paid much attention to the community there. It seemed that most of the people there was Caucasian and there was a little less of Asian and African American, You would hardly see Hispanic people there. Although it seemed like a really clean and nice neighborhood, it was kind of weird because it was a different environment. After all it seems that's a really nice neighborhood to visit and interview people, I got to learn what residents at Walnut Creek thought about their community. It was a good experience for me because II got to visit a place a I had not visited before and got to learn about their community.

The Castro District of San Francisco

It was a really different experience for me. I noticed that everyone in this community was really nice to each other, they all seem like really nice people. There we saw many stores that sold food, clothes,or other things. There was also different kinds of food there like Burgers,Hot Dogs, Pizza, Taqueria's and some other restaurants. The Castro district of San Fancisco seemed like a very friendly place in where everyone got along, and in where everyone was respected for who they were. It seemed like a very nice community, here I got to interview six people that were willing to answer our questions. People here seemed to be all really friendly an nice. I got to learn more about their community and different people's opinion.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trip To Lake Shore

The lakeshore trip was a place in where it looked like a really nice neighborhood to live. While we did our interviews it seemed that people didnt feel as safe. One of a bussines owner mentioned how it took two ours for the police to get there when the store alarm went on. There was many kind of stores that sold food, clothes and other king of things. The ethnicity that I saw the most of was propably Asian and cocasian.

We also went to The Oakland Rose Garden, which was a really quiet place in where there was many rosas of all different kind of colors. This was also a place in where people can get married. It seemed like a very peaceful place. You would be sorrounded by nature. It was a really nice place to visit.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Expirience At Old Oakland

The place where I visited is known as Old Oakland. It was a place in where there was different kinds of food like vegetables, fruits and other kind of things. There was also music that some people played there at the place. You would see all kinds of people there buying things at the Farmer's Market. During our interviews we got three people,I actually thought that they were all really kind. They talked to us about how they thought it was a clean place because there was usually people sweeping or cleaning up there trash after themselves, and there is also a janitor that cleans around. It was a really interesting trip because I got to visit a new place, interview people and got to learn more about their community there.